Mar 28

MakerBot One, Is Ready For Take Off

One of our fleet of MakerBot Mini-copters running pre-flight warm up.

No, not really, we’re only joking, they don’t actually fly, but still a very neat little toy all the same.

Come check them out in-store any time



Mar 12

MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

makerbot_digitizer_scannerIntroducing the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner.

With just two clicks, the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner’s easy to use, yet sophisticated software creates clean, watertight 3D models that are ready to 3D print.

We’ve optimized the whole process to work seamlessly with MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers, but you get standard design files to use on the 3D printer of your choice.

You don’t need any design or 3D modeling skills to get started, and it all happens in just minutes.


Behind the two-click simplicity is a powerful and complex reconstruction process. MakerWare for Digitizer contains an algorithm that connects hundreds of thousands of points into a seamless digital mesh in just seconds.

There’s no patching, stitching, or repairing required, so you can skip straight to your creative process. We’ve worked hard to create software that saves you time.makerbot_replicator2_gnome

MakerBot MultiScan Technology allows you to scan objects from multiple angles to capture the top, bottom, and hidden parts of your object. You can then “merge” them together to create the best possible 3D model.

Manufactures Link : MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

Welcome to the future, today!


Mar 11

Recommended Read : Leo The Maker Prince

leo_the_makerLEO the Maker Prince teaches children ( both young and old ) about 3D printing by following Carla and LEO’s journey through Brooklyn.

LEO is a walking, talking robot who happens to be able to print ( in plastic ) any object that Carla draws.

The other robots in the book have their own special capabilities: H1-H0 prints in metal, Sinclair can find and print objects from a huge catalogue of designs, and the others ( including AL1C3-D, IRIS-7, and NiXie ) have unique talents, too.

Readers can come along for the journey, too: all of the objects in the book are printable one way or another.

Link : Leo The Maker Prince Site

All and all a great way to introduce children to the world of 3D printing.  Pick it up at your local bookstore now.


Mar 11

Well we’re carboNZero, are you?

Well we’re carboNZero, are you ?

As of the 15th of February 2010, Business Applications Limited became a carboNZero Certified Small Enterprise company.  Making us one of the first to companies in Gisborne to achieve this qualification.

So we’re still very Green.  For more information check out the carboNZero site or our Environmental Statement.

So what is carboNZero ?

The carboNZero programme was established in 2001 by Landcare Research New Zealand Limited, one of New Zealand’s leading Crown Research Institutes, owned by the New Zealand government. The programme is based on over a decade of research on climate change, greenhouse gas measurement and carbon monitoring.

We recognises the urgency of this issue and, as an innovation centre involved in the development of environmental technologies, aims to become an early adopter of and leader in sustainable business activity in New Zealand. We want not only to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but also to inspire others to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and enhancing New Zealand’s environment.

An internationally recognised greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions management and reduction scheme for organisations, products, services and events, offering optional mitigation strategies through the provision of credible and verified offsets. Organisations that have measured, managed ( reduced ) and mitigated ( offset ) their GHG emissions can be carboNZero certified.

Business Applications Limited, keeping it Green!



Mar 03

Brother Launches World First Home And Hobby Machine

home_and_hobbyBrother Launches World First Home and Hobby Machine.

Crafters of all ages and levels will be in DIY heaven with the launch of Brother’s new, state-of-the-art ScanNCut.

The first of its kind in the crafting market, the revolutionary Brother ScanNCut takes an image, photograph or hand-drawn sketch, scans it, then precisely cuts any desired shape or outline. The high resolution built-in scanner means you can create outline designs without the use of a computer.

With two models available, craft lovers are able to effortlessly scan and cut the most intricate designs onto a wide range of materials including card, poster board, cotton, felt, denim, vinyl, leather, canvas and more.

For those who don’t know where to start, 500-plus built in designs will kick start your inspiration or for the really adventurous you can combine these with your own ideas to create a truly unique design or pattern.

“The Brother ScanNCut uses cutting-edge technology and gives people complete freedom to create something unique and truly personalised.” Brother International (NZ) Limited, Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Stroud, said.

The Brother ScanNCut also has its own support website, giving users the ability to create and save custom designs from anywhere. These can then be saved onto a USB and plugged into the ScanNCut to download. This gives crafters the technology to create unique quilts, embroidery appliqués, scrapbooks, cards, and more, limited only by their imagination.

The Brother ScanNCut CM110 has a RRP of $599.95 and is for paper cutting only.

The Brother ScanNCut CM550DX has a RRP of $699.95 and is for paper and fabric cutting

For more information and a demo come in and talk with Daniel today about this fun little machine or contact us on 06 868 6096 or at any time.


Feb 27

The Galaxy Sign

It all started with The Glowinfo Display Board

In 1998 the directors of Business Applications Limited and Blueprint Imaging wanted to make a point of difference in advertising in the district and instigated a media first for the region.  They invested in a totally new advertising media for the Gisborne District with a 4 metre wide electronic information display board being installed on the roof of the Business Applications Limited building here in Grey Street.

The original, ( mono only ), advertising display board was installed very early one Saturday morning and instantly became a traffic stopping hit in the district.  This sign, ( which became known locally as GlowInfo ), used a staggering 4,200 5 watt wedged based lamps, very much like the park light bulbs in your car and ran a fully air-conditioned and pressurised, sealed housing, containing 10 full-blown high spec computers and a dedicated fibre-optic link to the 11th computer down in our offices to control it all.

To say the sign lit up the street is an understatement.  GlowInfo ran 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, with all sorts of animations and static displays for over a decade.  However as time went on and due partly to the excellent local surf beaches throwing up lots of killer surf and our buildings close proximity to the beach and said surf, the salt-air had the usual and not unexpected corrosive effect on all things metal and the sign was retired for use shortly after it’s 10th birthday.

The Galaxy Sign LED Display

Never fear the New and Improved Galaxy Sign is here.  It was decided that technology had evolved to a point were it was time to invest in an even bigger, brighter and now Full Colour sign to fill up the gap left in the local skyline with the removal of the old GlowIfo sign from our building.  We decided the Galaxy Sign was the sign to do it.

Once a model was decided upon and ordered, the new Galaxy LED based sign was manufactured in Dakota USA by Daktronics Limited and then loaded into a Boeing 747 Cargo plane and flown to New Zealand, brought to Gisborne by Weatherell Transport, ( our local courier of choice ), and installed on our building with the help of local company Gisborne Engineering.  Thanks guys.

This new Galaxy LED sign is the first of its kind to be installed in New Zealand and through our dealings with Daktronics Limited we have secured ourselves as the sole National Distributors for these amazing products, ( place your order for your own Galaxy Sign now, many sizes and models available ).

The new, bigger, brighter sign now hosts and incredible, 53,000 High Power LEDs, ( and we thought GlowInfo with its 4,200 light-bulbs was impressive ), and can display over 4.3 Trillion colours at close to standard television resolution.  Now that’s a really big street light at night. Even running at half its total capable lumans, ( while it does its new toy run in hours and also so we don’t blind Spook and the guys at The Tyre General across the road ), it’s enough to light the street up like day time for a few blocks in all three directions.

So other then being Gisbornes biggest and brightest streetlight the Galaxy Sign helps to keep not only locals, but travellers and tourists up to date with all sorts of handy information like the local time, temperature and weather reports. Current events, important news and other public notices are displayed in continuing loops throughout the day.

The Galaxy runs 7 days a week, 364 days a year, ( oh and that’s not a typo as we shut it for the day for Earth Hour to do our part ), running advertising for our customers, local businesses, organisations, sport teams and clubs and all sorts of other points of interest in and around the local community and aboard.  Things like School Galas, Open Homes, Items for Sale, Birthday Wishes, that special Anniversary you almost forgot, ( we recommend you don’t forget these by the way ), and the odd Marriage Proposal or two get featured on the Galaxy Sign on a regular basis.

Oh and before we forget, for those of you after that little extra wow factor the Galaxy Sign can display Full Motion Video which really gets your advert some attention.  Believe us when we say that nothing stops traffic and gets people pointing and looking confused like life-sized cars driving over peoples heads or looking up to see a plane coming to land in your direction in full motion video while your driving down the road, ( of course we would never recommend such things be done of course ).

The Galaxy is seen by over 150,000 vehicles per month, ( Gisborne District Council survey results from 2009 ), that pass through the intersection, not to mention all the foot traffic that passes everyday.  So your advert or important piece of news will appear for all those people to see over 3,420 times a month, guaranteed.

So go on, show everyone what you or your business have to offer, ( or that you remembered that important anniversary after all ), and call us on 06 868 6096 or shoot us an email about getting your turn on the Galaxy Sign today.

The Galaxy Sign is for everyone to use and the rates are very affordable, so go on make the call.

For more information on this technology, come in and see Martin, Paul, Kathy or Daniel today or contact us on 06 868 6096 or at any time.

Feb 26

Lodge Your Own Service Requests

You can lodge your own service request or product order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
No more waiting and then remembering to phone our office during business hours.Simply lodge your call on-line and then get on with running your business while we take care of the rest.

So, visit the Service Desk today to place your service requests or product and toner orders.

Link : BAL Service Desk

You can still call Daniel on +64 6 868 6096 if you prefer the human touch.

Feb 21

Sick Of Folding Those Invoices, Statements Or Mailers

duplo_automatic_folderThe Duplo DF-980 Automatic Paper Folder is the quietest tabletop folding machine in the industry.

With a high speed of up to 246 sheets per minute, the DF-980 utilizes Duplo’s patented three-roller friction feed system to process a wide range of paper stocks and also comes equipped with Optical Double Feed Detection to ensure personalized documents are folded one sheet at a time. Easy to use and built-in with sound absorbers for quiet operation, the DF-980 eliminates folding by hand and is perfect for any office environment.

The DF-980 comes pre-programmed with six standard fold types including single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion and gate – enabling users to fold a variety of applications at the touch of a button.

The DF-980 automatically detects five of the most popular paper sizes and sets the pre-programmed fold position without any adjustments required. Users can also create custom fold styles with non-standard paper sizes simply by moving the fold plates via the user-friendly control panel and save them into one of its 20 job memories. Further extending its capabilities, the DF-980 comes standard with a cross folding unit to reprocess single folded sheets into right angle folds.

Find out more at :

For more information and a demo come in and talk with Paul, Martin, Kathy or Daniel today about this fun little device or contact us on 06 868 609606 868 6096 or at any time.



Feb 21

MakerBot Replicator 2


The MakerBot Replicator 2

Welcome to prosumer 3D printing. With a resolution capability of 100 microns and a massive 410 cubic inch build volume, the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer is our easiest, fastest and most affordable tool yet for making professional-quality models.

We set a new standard with our work, so that you can set a new standard with yours.

Look this up right now :

Manufactures information :

Types of Filaments able to be used :

OK, let’s pull some heart strings :

For more information and a demo come in and talk with Paul, Martin, Kathy or Daniel today about this fun little device or contact us on 06 868 609606 868 6096 or at any time.



Jan 30

Your 2014 Passwords

password_hunting_hackerHow secure are your passwords for 2014?

To find out go to :

Type in a password and it will show you how long it could take a computer to obtain your password if given the task.

After looking at this, it’s time I upgraded my passwords that’s for sure.


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