About Us

Business Applications Limited is a locally owned and operated technology supply and service company situated in the beautiful city of Gisborne, on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

  • Business Applications Limited is a 100% Gisborne based company. We are locally owned and operated. We will serve you with a smile and blazing fast order processing  with the promise of the best service and backup support available in Gisborne.
  • We sell and ship worldwide, and have a physical presence in Gisborne.
  • We are committed to supplying individuals and organisations with the best range of office equipment products in the world.
  • We stock the best brands in each product category.
  • We stand behind the products we sell, and if a problem arises after delivery we will take the necessary action to ensure the matter is resolved. We will do this fairly and professionally.
  • We respect your judgement. Unless you ask for advice, we will assume you know what you want. But if you do want our advice, we are only too happy to give it.
  • We value your feedback. We want our shop to fulfill your expectations, so let us know if it doesn’t.
  • If you are looking for a store that has quality products, good prices, professional service, and support both before and after a sale, and that values your business no matter how large or small the order, then try us.

Join our many satisfied clients and shop with confidence.