Jul 14

Brother Stamp Creation

Stamp Creator Pro Machine


Turn your signature, graphics, text, photos and logos into pre-inked stamps with Brother’s SC2000USB stamp creator machine.

This handy device prints fast-drying, high quality (600dpi) stamps that can be ready to use within 3 minutes.

Stamps are non-toxic and non-flammable, making them perfect for use in places such as schools and libraries right through to hospitals. They’re excellent for personal use too.

The SC2000USB creates durable rubber stamps in a variety of shapes and sizes. The machine is also pre-inked and refillable, so no messy ink pads. And it creates long lasting stamps that make up to 500,000 impressions.

Customers have two choices….

*Purchase your very own machine if you have many to create or have an ongoing demand for stamps.

*Or use our service in store to have your individual stamps made on demand.

Call us on 868 6096 ask for Robyn

*To our knowledge we are the only company offering this services in Gisborne*