Oct 20


Ricoh Charging Tower

Ricoh changing tower comes complete with 10 universal power plug inputs and 4 USB slots, the charging tower is the easy way to keep devices ready-to-go.

This compact model features a retractable cord and fuse override for added surge protection,each layer is individually controlled for added safety.

With its distinctive Lime Green colour, the Ricoh Charging Tower will add some colour to your space while keeping your devices at the ready.

The 14 slot Ricoh device Charging Tower is the ultimate portable solution to safely using

many devices at one time. Ideal for HOME or OFFICE use. 

-10 Universal plug Power Inputs
-4 USB Slots
-Retractable cord
-Fuse override for added surge protection.
-Each layer is individually controlled for added safety
-CE/IEC/VED Certificate Approved
-Colour: Fluoro Green with Orange Buttons

Only $79.35 inc gst

Available now at Business Applications Limited