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Current release: Version 2.0.5

Download version 2.0.5 (recommended)

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7) or Windows Server (SBS, 2003, 2008 etc)
  • (sorry we do not support Apple Mac OS)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed (download here)
  • User installing application must be LOGGED IN for this application to work at the scheduled time.

Use this tool to read the copier counters for your photocopiers & printers each month and send them to us.

You will need to e-mail if you have not already to receive your license key to use this software. In the e-mail just say you want to install MeterPlanReader and let us know what your company name is. This just helps it tie in with our records when we receive your MeterPlan readings.

When you receive your license code, open the application (next to the clock in the corner)

and put it in the box under setup:

When licensing is correct, the box under the code box will say “OK” instead of “Error”. Make sure to fill in the rest of your details correctly too; Your Organisation (same as what you gave us for licensing), your e-mail address… very important… your mail server details (just smtp server & port is usually fine), if you need to use SSL/TLS then you can put in port 587 and tick the SSL box. The credentials are the username & password required to authenticate on this.
Note: Telecom Xtra and Telecom Schoolzone customers – with Telecom locking down their SMTP servers, you are limited to using the “HTTP'” option provided below the license field. The email option does not support the required encryption Telecom NZ are now enforcing on their systems. Your readings will still come through via HTTP.
*** It only tests the license details when you press ‘Save Details’, so do this when you are done ***

We prefer you run MeterPlanReader’s schedule on the 27th of each month; and it needs to be a time when your computer is switched on so that it may process the events. Any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. should be good, and MeterPlanReader works without your intervention.

Setting it up…

Right, now you need to tell MeterPlanReader to find your photocopiers and printers so that it can report readings for them. Either type in the IP address for each machine in the box under the machine list and press the “Add IP” button (if you know them); or if you are running version 1.1.4 or higher, enter the subnet you are in e.g. or (use 255 to denote subnet) and press the button labelled “Subnet Search”, this will attempt to query all devices it can find and add them to the list if it deems them to be compatible.

You’re nearly there…
On the Schedule Tab, press the “Run MeterPlan Now” which will send us a test run. We’ll e-mail you back to let you know we have received your readings. Then you can just hide the application and it should just seamlessly run each month without your intervention.*

* We may ring you to get you to set up the ‘location’ of each machine to ones that match our records, in case you have multiple machines and we need to tie-up the readings to our database. If this is necessary, we will e-mail you on the address that your MeterPlanReader details come from, or call you on your published telephone number.

Final Words…
If you don’t know how to find your IP addresses or you get stuck, just let us know and we will either dispatch a technician to help you set up the application – this is covered under your MeterPlan agreement – or we will ring you and help you over the phone. You may also call us and we can help you.