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Computers, Laptops, Tablets & Monitors

Business Applications was the first company in Gisborne to offer the mighty Personal Computer (PC) when we opened in 1980.

Many of us still recall all those names like: Atari, Amstrad, Commodore, Apple, IBM amongst many others most of which have vanished but the PC certainly has not. We now talk tablets, laptops, business and gaming PC’s. We offer all these products. We custom build fully-fledged servers and top-of-the-line gaming PC’s on request.

Once again when investing in a Computer from our company, rest assured that you will be offered the right product at the best price for your requirement. We have seen so many dissatisfied purchasers buying these products from stores just on price and for just a box that barely does a practical job.

​We won’t be beaten on price, nor will we ever be beaten on service. Come talk with us!

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No PC Site is too big or too small for our knowledgeable team.

No matter whether it's Android, Apple or Windows Driven devices you require, we can attend to all your needs.

Rent or Buy any device to suit your needs.

Don't forget we have a very large range of LCD monitors from a simple 24", 27" and 32" screens

flat or curved models and we will even take you viewing up to 85 " if that your need.

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