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Eftpos Terminals

Eftpos is perhaps the most talked about product these days as clearly, we will inevitably soon be a cashless society. Eftpos technology is here to stay.


​There are several types of Eftpos terminal equipment offered, some good, some not so good. Each and every retailer, no matter what industry you are in, has your own particular requirement for hardware and service. Come talk with us!

Do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help make your investment in a Terminal and its services seamless. We have 6 trained staff who can answer any queries right here in Gisborne. There is no need to call an 0800 number and have someone try to help you over the phone, especially someone that doesn't even know your business. Just call 8686 096.

We offer mobile, desk models, standalone and integration (Nitro) where possible. Integration is important and eliminates costly keyboard entry errors plus speeds up your sales at the counter.

We won’t be beaten on price, nor will we ever be beaten on service. Come talk with us!

We have Gisborne largest range of Eftpos Terminals and 24/7 after sales service

•    Desk models  standalone or Integrated to Cash registers or Point of Sale 

•    Mobile standalone or integrated

•    Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth or  Wif-Fi Bar
•    Nitro Terminals    
Rent or Buy  to suit your needs Gisborne’s sole dealer

It makes sense  and Cash Registers from a “Digital Company"

who has be round for over 42 years service Gisborne businesses.

Integrated EFTPOS Eliminate keyboarding errors and wasted time

Let us integrated or interfaced EFTPOS using standard Ingenico terminals or Nitro models 


For more information and a demo come in and talk with Martin, Robyn, Daniel or Dyson today about any of these terminals or contact us on 06 868 6096 or at any time


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