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UPS & Filters


Business Applications recommends Eaton UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to protect your hardware technology. 

These UPS units come in all sizes and are not expensive. They offer the best form of protection and uninterruptible power with spike protection.


This is a must for any electronic digital technology. Don't put your expensive hardware in the firing line of electrical spikes and brown-outs. Let us sort out the right unit for your job, equipment, and environment, from a simple plug-in wall adapter to a rack-mounted system.

Don’t wait until the horse has bolted before you protect your technology.

We won’t be beaten on price, nor will we ever be beaten on service. Come talk with us!

•    Filters and UPS for POS
•    For Computers 
•    For Gaming
•    For Servers
•    Standalone

•    Rack Mounted


Rent or buy to suit your business structure.

Our Rental plan allow you to grow you needs with you demands

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