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$PoA (Outright purchase and finance options available)

Eftpos is perhaps the most talked about product these days as it seems inevitable we will soon be a cashless society. Eftpos technology is here to stay.

​There are several types of Eftpos terminal equipment offered, some good, some not so good. Each and every retailer, no matter what industry you are in, has their own particular requirement for hardware and service. Come talk with us about yours!

We offer:

  • Mobile/portable terminals

  • Desk/countertop terminals (both standalone and integrated)

Integration is important as it eliminates costly keyboard entry errors plus speeds up your sales at the counter.

Rent or Buy to suit your needs.

It makes sense to come see the digital company who have been providing service to Gisborne businesses for over 4 decades.

​For more information and a demo come in and talk with Martin, Robyn, Daniel or Dyson today about any of these terminals or contact us on 06 868 6096 or at any time (within reason - please don't call at midnight, as our team needs sleep to provide you the best service possible!)

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