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For general sales inquiries email
To book a service job, please see our ServiceDesk
For accounts inquiries, please email Tegan at
For specific sales inquiries, or jobs you have already lodged that are currently in progress, see below:

  • Tegan Moore:
  • Robyn Currie:
    Sales: Ricoh Copiers, Brother MFD, EFTPoS, Computers, VoIP/Phones
  • Blueprint Imaging:
    • Karl Lowe:
  • Martin Kibble:
    Sales: Ricoh Copiers, Security Cameras, Special Projects
    Service: Ricoh Copiers, Special Projects
  • Daniel Ballard:
    Sales: Point-of-Sale, EFTPoS, Computers, VoIP/Phones, Multi Function Devices
    Service: Point-of-Sale, EFTPoS, Computers, VoIP/Phones, Multi Function Devices
  • Dyson Parkes:
    Sales: Point-of-Sale, EFTPoS, Computers, Servers, VoIP/Phones
    Service: Servers, VoIP/Phones, Point-of-Sale, EFTPoS, Computers, Multi Function Devices Special Projects
  • Cobus Kleynhans:
    Service: Computers, Multi Function Devices (and more to come)
  • Mitchell Moore-Brouwer:
    Service: Ricoh Copiers, Multi-Function Devices
  • Martin Lowe:
    Company Director
    Sales: Point-of-Sale, EFTPoS, Cash Registers, Printers, Multi Function Devices
  • Paul Benge:
    Company Director
    Sales: Meterplan Readings, Computers, Printers, VoIP/Phones, Servers, Special Order Items

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