Are you Green ? We have been for over 3 decades now and we are still going strong.

Business Applications Limited and Blueprint Imaging are not only locally owned and operated, but also firm believers in keeping the environment and our world clean and healthy for not only ourselves but our future generations as well.

As we are situated in the beautiful, sunny and green city of Gisborne, New Zealand.   As a company we have played our part for over thirty years in keeping our local environment and with it the world a healthier, cleaner and greener place for us all to live.

Our Service and Support Fleet

As with most companies running a fleet of service and support vehicles is part of our day to day business, to help us help you, our valued clients and customers.   So when it came to choosing our vehicles we needed something that could handle the task well.   Not only did they have to take the knocks of day to day use as a service and support vehicle, ( remember folks company cars are always fastest in reverse gear and never require the use of a clutch ).   Any vehicles we choose had to be very economical to keep down any mileage charges or running costs, very reliable to save on down time and as environmentally friendly as possible to look after the planet.

To cover all these requirements we went to the local Mitsubishi agent, Watts Motors and chose a bunch of very Eco-Friendly Mitsubishi Colt LS CVTs for around town and out of town jobs.

Martin, ( director number one ), likes to travel in style and has a Mitsubishi EVO IX for our frequent training trips around New Zealand or if time is short, he can be seen getting around behind the wheel of a shiny silver 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK after recently upgrading from a 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK after his 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera Manual X51 Spec.

Paul, ( director number two ), has strayed from the pack and taken the first step in Hybrid Vehicle Technology for our company and chooses to travel in the first BMW i8 Hybrid to be sold in New Zealand, after moving up from a 400hp turbo charged edition of the BMW 335i, so we’ll let it slide.


We are a local recycle center for Ricoh and Brother Toners.   So if you have any old toners or cartridges lying around feel free to drop them in to us or contact us and we can arrange for Robyn to come out and pick them up from you. We have Recycle Boxes for your use, please contact us for these

In fact since we sold and installed the first photocopier in Gisborne nearly thirty years ago, we have been actively collecting and disposing of any waste products, old consumables, parts and the old retired machines themselves and doing the right thing and disposing of them safely.   Helping to keep the city of Gisborne and New Zealand itself the beautiful places they are today.
Here are some of the things that happen to the photocopier parts we recycle:

  • Paper – Waste paper is recycled and made into a variety of recycled paper or cardboard products.
  • Cardboard – From packaging materials is recycled and used to produce recycled cardboard products.
  • Aluminum – Is removed during dismantling and are sent to a recyclers for use in other aluminum products.
  • PCBs – Are sent to recyclers, separated out into metals and other parts which are then re-used in other products.
  • Steel – Is sent to recyclers and processed into other low-grade steel products.
  • Polyethylene plastic bags, stretch wrap and bubble wrap for packaging is recycled in to industrial products.
  • Toner Cartridges – Are dismantled and then the metal and plastic sorted for recycling.

The plastic from both cartridges and bottles is cleaned, granulated and exported to Australia.  The plastic is then manufactured into functional items that can be purchased such as park bench seats and tables, decking, speed humps, posts, rubbish bins and rulers.

Our major photocopier supplier Ricoh also has a ISO 14001 Environmental Certification and is well known world wide for their efforts in environmentally friendly practices including low em mission factories and huge recycling efforts.

Need to dispose of old equipment?   No problem just drop it off to us or contact us and we can arrange for one of the team to come out and collect it from you and dispose of it safely.


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