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Integrated EFTPOS

Business Applications Ltd are proud to offer three fully integrated EFTPOS solutions for our IdealPOS customers:

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Fully Integrated EFTPOS products install special software on your POS terminal to control the EFTPOS system. The communications are handled completely by the Point of Sale system, and Eftpos dockets either come out of the POS printer (Nitro) or are fully-integrated into the POS receipt (Vault). Control of settlement, inquiry, and other features of the EFTPOS are all done on the POS screen, not the EFTPOS screen. In addition with Vault, you don’t need a full EFTPOS terminal – just a pinpad. Integrated EFTPOS is often FASTER to process too, as your average POS terminal is miles faster than a little EFTPOS machine in terms of technology. However, if your POS terminal goes down, you will be unable to use EFTPOS either.

If you’re after a less expensive solution where you have a separate EFTPOS terminal which can also communicate with a POS terminal, check out Interfaced EFTPOS instead.


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Ingenico Nitro

This product is available on the Paymark Network If you use IdealPOS as your Point of Sale solution, then Ingenico Nitro is the answer! Nitro combines an Ingenico i5100 EFTPOS terminal with powerful software that runs on the POS to fully integrate your POS & EFTPOS products. No more “mis-keyed” entries, no more checking to …