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We are proud to say we can now offer integrated EFTPOS on the EFTPOS NZ (ENZ) network!


PC EFTPOS is an integrated payment solution suitable for businesses of any size looking to reduce the complexity of their EFTPOS payments.

Scalable to support multiple point of sale lanes in one or more locations using a single communications medium, PC EFTPOS works with a wide range of existing software and hardware configurations and is certified with a number of point of sale (POS) systems.


  • Increased Accuracy And Efficiency
    • Errors arising from “double entry” of data into the POS and the pinpad are eliminated. Less time is spent handling payments, as tranasctions are entered just once into the POS via the PC. Where bar coding is used, no manual entry is required.
  • Shared Printer
    • The PC EFTPOS pinpad connects directly to the point of sale PC, sharing the PC printer. This eliminates the need for a separate EFTPOS printer and increases available counter space.
  • Single Receipt
    • PC EFTPOS can be configured to offer combined point of sale and EFTPOS receipt printing – resulting in less paper for the customer and reduced consumable costs.
  • Improved Reporting
    • PC EFTPOS provides detailed transactional reporting via the PC EFTPOS Management and Reporting Suite (MARS).
  • Independent Network
    • EFTPOS New Zealand has the unique advantage of being able to offer you streamlined development and certification because they own and operate the EFTPOS New Zealand network (‘Switch’). This allows speed and flexibility in responding to customer and market requirements.
  • POS Software Selection
    • PC EFTPOS is certified with leading Windows POS systems. EFTPOS New Zealand is happy to assess opportunities to certify with other POS systems, including existing in-house POS systems.
  • Communication Options And Savings
    • Use dial-up, GPRS or IP to connect to the EFTPOS network. If your business operates over more than one site, PC EFTPOS supports transactions over existing corporate networks and communications links.
  • Scheme Compliance
    • PC EFTPOS is EMV and 3DES compliant.
  • Tipping
    • PC EFTPOS supports hospitality tipping.
  • Electronic Journaling
    • You can view and print any transaction that has been completed at a PC EFTPOS lane.
  • EOV Mode
    • The EOV mode allows you to continue accepting card payments by electronic means in the event of a network failure or communications being unavailable.

Talk to us about installing PC EFTPOS on your POS system today!


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