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Verifone Vault

This product is available on the Paymark network

Verifone Vault is the latest in integrated EFTPOS products available from Business Applications that work with the IdealPOS Point of Sale software that we sell.

Simply attach a specifically made Verifone Vx820 Pinpad (or optionally a Verifone Vx810 Duet, or Vx510 Terminal) to the network and Vault will provide the interface between your Point of Sale and EFTPOS solutions.

All control of the EFTPOS is done via the Point of Sale screen, so you don’t have to mess around with two devices.

EFTPOS sales are immediately transferred to the Vault pinpad, and upon acceptance, the receipt is embedded within your POS receipt for the customer.

With both broadband (recommended) and Dial-Up options available, and with OFFLINE support should there be an outage, Vault is the premium product in Integrated EFTPOS service.

Contact us today for a live demonstration of this product, or find out more by visiting the Vault home page.

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