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Interfaced EFTPOS

Interfaced EFTPOS is where a link is made between an existing EFTPOS terminal and either a Cash Register or Point of Sale system.

With an interfaced solution, POS terminal is able to send the purchase & cash out amounts to the EFTPOS terminal, and, if it is a ‘two way’ link, the EFTPOS machine will reply back to the POS terminal with the message of accept or decline. This prevents keying errors (e.g. putting a $20.00 sale through the Eftpos as $2.00) or accidental acceptance of a transaction when it actually declined.

Unlike an integrated solution, the EFTPOS machine still has to print the receipts on its own printer and settlement and other functions still need to be performed on the EFTPOS terminal, and interfaced EFTPOS is often not as fast as integrated. However, it is usually less expensive to install.

Currently we offer the following Interfaced Solutions:

* All new installations of Eftpos terminals are recommended to be on Broadband over conventional Telephone Dial Up for better performance. Broadband is faster and also allows for unattended software security upgrades to be transmitted. You will notice that most Telephone Dial Up installations will be receiving a provider cost of $5.00 per month for the old system and Broad band is free. This encourages all to go Broadband .



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