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Multi-Function Devices

You’re talking to the right people!

The team, headed up by Martin and Paul, are up with the play and here to offer any assistance you may need when it comes to Multi-Function Devices.
Not only has Martin has been in the office equipment industry since 1965 (giving him over 50 years in the office equipment industry), he has covered a vast product range during that time; specialising in Photocopiers and Reprographics equipment for both local and national clients. He has been responsible for installing many of the Gisborne Districts’ ‘firsts’; including the first Mono; Dual-Colour; and Full-Colour Photocopiers; Plan and Large format Printers, not to mention the first Computer, Electronic Cash Register, Facsimile machine and Cellular Phone.

So give Martin a call, or come in and visit the man with the most experience in Office Equipment in the Gisborne and East Coast region anytime. He’s always happy to help.

Alongside Martin is Paul; who has almost 31 years in the office equipment field; specialising in Computers and Reprographic equipment.   With his knowledge in Computers and his avid interest in all technology based things he is the man to talk to regarding purchasing a Multi-Function device.

Further down the chain; but no less integral; is Joel. He has been in the IT industry for a little under a decade; and likes to keep up with technology as it comes out. With his knowledge of what each printer is capable of and how easy they are to use, he is the ideal person to both sell you a printer; AND install it for you if you so choose.

After-Sales Service
For any service needs you may have on a Multi-Function Device just give us a call; we have the right person for the job. With our highly trained and qualified technicians (Joel, Martin and Dyson) on the job there is always someone ready to lend a hand.
If you are not sure if we are able to set up and/or service your particular make or model of Multi-Function Device just give us a call on (06) 868 6096 to find out more.

Our whole Sales and Service team are always on call to help you with any training or after sales assistance you may require for your printing equipment.


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