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IdealPOS Point of Sale

Here at Business Applications, we only sell and support the products we know and understand. Since getting into the Point of Sale market (a natural evolution from the Cash Register market) in 2006, we have made many leaps forward in what we can offer to you, the customer.

At this point, we’ll introduce you to the IdealPOS¬†software. We have been selling this software since version 3.0 in 2006, and now have over 150 terminals running the software in the district.

If you’re interested, may we suggest you ask us for a quote?

Idealpos is developed by Ideal Business Solutions, a company based in Brisbane – and they provide an excellent system.

Version 6 of the software made some drastic changes to how the system stores data, and Version 7 is no different. A full list of changes between versions would be too big to display here – the changes between builds alone can often be 30 or 40 things!

Most notably, Version 7 has :

  • A better response time.
  • Improved search capabilities throughout – no more scrolling through the list of items in your system hunting for one item you need to adjust.
  • Pop-up tips for Yes/No Options.
  • Support for up to 18 ‘layers’ of items on the POS screen.
  • Online licensing – no more physical keys that can get lost or damaged.

Both Versions 6 and 7 have a Dashboard which can show real-time sales data, right at your fingertips.

The handy little Graphs can be set to show department, tender, location, clerk, pos terminal and site sales data. These can be hourly totals, progressive totals, top 10 products by quantity or by amount and top 10 customers.

The Dashboard provides an effective way to monitor your sales through the day with the ability to print, save and email the reports. You can also set the frequency in which the Dashboard information is updated.

We have a demonstration terminal at Business Applications with various different features enabled, so if you’d like to have a look at the solution please get in touch with Martin Lowe, Dyson Parkes, or Daniel Ballard to arrange a no-obligation appointment and we’ll take you through the features.

All this can be had starting from only $6 + GST/day (rental). You can also get EFTPOS terminals from us: interface your existing EFTPOS terminal (this depends on the model you have), or the best of both worlds – integrated EFTPOS, where the POS terminal controls both sales and the EFTPOS.

You can choose to rent, lease to own, or buy your POS equipment outright – come in and talk to us about what option will work best for your business.


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