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IdealPOS Modules

Idealpos “EFT” Module

Add the EFTPoS module to your IdealPOS system to allow your IdealPOS system to communicate directly with your EFTPoS terminal.

This means that your POS terminal will automatically notify the EFTPoS terminal of the transaction amount when your staff select EFTPoS as the payment type – right down to any cash out required.

This eliminates those horrible keying errors that happen so often in this industry – most commonly with staff dropping one of the zeros from a transaction, making a $100.00 transaction into a $10.00 one through pure inattention. When your POS terminal does it for your staff, this issue is no longer present.

On top of that, your EFTPoS terminal can notify POS whether the transaction was accepted or declined – and if it’s declined it will ask for another way to pay instead of finalizing a sale that didn’t get paid for properly.

Restaurant Module

Add Restaurant Module to your IdealPOS system to allow you to use Table Map and Bill Splitting system. See a full overview of all your tables and use colours to examine their status. When you come to pay, split your bill by items, add amounts or divide the bill by the number of customers. Simple.

Kitchen Monitor

Add Ideal Kitchen Monitor to your site to have a display available in your kitchen or other location to display all current orders and their status. Use either a dedicated touchscreen system to control the orders or attach a bump bar.


Ideal Handheld

Add the Ideal Handheld module to your IdealPOS system to allow you to use the IdealPOS handheld ordering app with your system. This handy little app runs on Apple iPods, iPhones and iPads.

This ‘Ideal’ App enables your staff to take orders and charge it to the table while standing at the table, with POS automatically printing the order from your kitchen printer.


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