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Attaché PRO is a robust software package with practical functionality, ideally suited to New Zealand businesses with between 5 and 500 staff.

Attaché PRO users span many industries, including wholesale; distribution; manufacturing; and importing. Many have multiple branches and departments. Most share information over PC networks.

Attaché PRO is a modular system with an extensive range of products and tremendous flexibility. Attaché PRO contains features such as multi-user networking, read-only access, relational database, multi-tasking, graphical reporting, drill down and many time saving features.

Value for money

We all want the best possible deal and no one likes a website where you cannot see the costs. Attaché PRO is sold on a monthly subscription basis. For a small monthly fee you get the whole system, so you always know what your costs are, and then you choose how little or how much you use. So you can bring additional functionality online when you are ready.

Attaché PRO starts at just $200* Per Month. Contact Paul for a demonstration on how this can assist your business operation.

For further information, please click this link to go to the Attache Pro website.


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