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VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way to save telephone costs by routing all your phone calls across the internet.

Business Applications Ltd sell fully customised Asterisk VoIP systems that replace your traditional phone PBX. You can choose to keep your phone line(s) and integrate them with the VoIP system, or completely migrate to an IP only solution that does not require you to have lines at all.


– For less than the price of a Telecom line you can have 6000 local and 2000 national/international minutes. Mobile calling is cheap as well. Adding phone lines can be as cheap as $7.00 a month.

– You can make concurrent calls at once.

– Full CallerID is presented for inwards calls from VoIP

– Choose from many different VoIP telephones including units that have Video calling, HD voice or simply a desk phone. VoIP DECT cordless phones are available also. Or alternatively leverage your orignal infrastructure by getting an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and connecting your existing phones.

– Call between offices/branches with extensions by linking two VoIP PBX systems together.

– Conference calling, VoiceMail (delivered via e-mail also) and other call features are all available.


– VoIP is no good for Fax or Dial-Up EFTPOS. If you require these services, you may wish to consider keeping one analogue telephone line. Alternatively if you just need EFTPOS, broadband EFTPOS solutions are available. Another thing to consider is a monitored alarm, but if you talk to CSL you can have this monitored over the cellular network or via IP instead.

We custom-build our PBX solutions with open-source Linux and Asterisk systems, and devices which use the SIP protocol.

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