RAPOO P300 Gold



The P300 Gold power banks by Rapoo are a great power bank for your mobile devices, with good functionality and aesthetics.

It has a 10 400 mah capacity, which is enough to fully recharge an iPhone approximately three times. This model also claim to be fast-charging, with the ability to charge 90% of an iPhone in an hour. They are reasonably compact, so this is very useful if you’re taking your phone with you on a short holiday where there is a lack of power points/wall sockets, or if you just need to keep your phone charged throughout the day. It has a 7-hour recharge time, which means you can charge them overnight and they should last you a couple of days depending on how often you use your phone. It also has a overcharge and overheat protection.

Was $120.00

Now $75.00 inc GST


Limited Stock Available

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