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Point of Sale Service

We provide all the service, technical support and training for our IdealPOS customers, no matter what version of the software they are running.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the software, either via e-mail, phone (numbers are below) or leaving us a note with ServiceDesk.

We keep loan terminals available in stock in case of system failure so we can immediately swap out a terminal, we also keep various parts and accessories for terminals in stock also.

If you already run the software, check out the user guide online at

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This is the page to download the latest version of IdealPOS that has been tested by us. The current version is 6.03.00129 and the installer can be downloaded by clicking the version number. The easiest way to update is use the Software Updates facility within IdealPOS. From your backoffice PC, go to the Utilities menu …