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This is the page to download the latest version of IdealPOS that has been tested by us.

The current version is 6.03.00129 and the installer can be downloaded by clicking the version number.

The easiest way to update is use the Software Updates facility within IdealPOS. From your backoffice PC,
go to the Utilities menu and select Software Updates, and press OK on the box that appears.

You will be asked for a password. If you need this, please give us a call and we will provide this – the password is different for each version.

To update to this release you must be running at least IdealPOS 6.03.0001. If you’re running an earlier version than this, such as 6.00, 6.01 or 6.02, you will need to download the main framework and installer. If you’re not comfortable to do this, please contact us! We wouldn’t want you to break your POS system, especially in the middle of trading.


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