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The formal stuff

There are a lot of terms and conditions of doing business these days, and every company website has policies attached to it. Some are well-defined, others less so.

These pages are intended to clarify our policies with regards to shipping, returns, trade, and privacy.

Terms of Trade

Some quick terms:
You/Your = whoever is using the site.
We/Us/Our = BAL, assigned agents, partner companies.
BAL = Business Applications Limited

See full terms under Terms of Trade

Privacy Policy

In this day of digital data, we know - your personal information is precious.

However, as a way to improve services, we have to store a little bit of it.

To see what we do with your data (and how to request removal, if you so choose), take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Returns Policy

We get it, sometimes things just don't work how you needed.

Sometimes, things change.

While some things can't be returned (for hygiene reasons), it's important you know what your rights are around returns (and how to go about them).

Take a look at our Returns Policy for full details.

Shipping Information

We have a few options available for you to get the items you ordered.

  • Courier

  • Local Delivery

  • In-store Pick-up

For more information, refer to our Shipping Information

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